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Vtec group of companies, has evolved from scratch to become one of the leading suppliers of the world's latest process know how, best equipment and materials for technical ceramics processing (LTCC, HTCC, SOFC etc.), thick film hybrids and packaging of COB, FC, MEMS, MCMs, including power, RF and optoelectronic modules in the Russian market.

Precision SMT rework and placement, special thermal processing and environmental test equipment are also our expertise. At the moment we represent more than 30 top suppliers of equipment and materials in Russia and CIS on exclusive basis, providing sales, delivery, training and technical support for turnkey solutions. 

The strength of iVtec is in its team of committed engineers and in a well-established logistics. Samples processing, tooling, internships of our customers abroad, seminars and training of customers in Russia, equipment installation, service and system upgrades are all our daily practices. Flexibility in delivery terms allowed us to establish a pool of friendly partners and distributors in Russia that made many sort of alliances and collaboration within "umbrella supply" type of projects possible. Since 2001, over a hundred of customers in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus were served. Many of them do come back to us with their new orders these days.

This site is conveniently designed and structured for our valued Russian customers who can find a lot of technical information on equipment and materials of interest. Should you be interested in your own representation of any kind, please take a minute to e-mail or call us. You can also discuss some unique business opportunities in East Europe and Nigeria with our trusted marketing and project management partners in UK - Mozaik Technology Ventures Ltd. at 

Since 2009 iVtec is a member of Technology Union, a team with DiPaul and Petrocommerz thus being able to offer a complete solution from base materials, through microelectronic processing, packaging and tests, to SMD mount and final assembly.  

Talk to the best team of professionals in the Russian microelectronics, hybrids and packaging market, give us a call! 

Truly Yours,

Sergej Valev