S T and S Group becomes Microtronic GmbH distributor in North America

Microtronic GmbH, a leading specialist of microelectronics, announced that it has appointed a representative in North America (U.S.A. and Canada) for the LBT210 series systems of wetting balances testers for solderability testing and Dip and Look Automator for evaluation.

S T and S Group was founded in 2001, as Solderability Testing and Solutions, Inc., located in Richmond, KY. They are primarily an ISO 17025 Process Validation and Failure analysis Laboratory specializing in assembly and solderability issues. 

"The strong focus and deep knowledge of Interconnect Technology of S T and S Group was the reason for us to partner with them. There is no one in North America with that much experience on wetting balance and solderability testing." said Mr. Eggelaar, President of Microtronic.

Company President, Gerard O’Brien is an acknowledged expert in Surface Finish, Solderability Issues and Failure Analysis in the PWA, PWB and component fields as well as Chairman for numerous IPC Groups related to the test process.

“S T and S Group are experts in the art and science of successful electronic manufacture from concept to end of life. This is also known as Interconnect Technology. Solderability is an important part of any modern SMT production. We use wetting balance testers on an almost daily basis. The modern, cutting edge LBT210 systems from Microtronic are superb examples of precision German engineering said Mr. O’Brien."

Contact Details: http://www.standsgroup.com/about-us