RX18 Lotdraht no clean


  • Low Voids/Skips
  • Low Spatter
  • Extends Solder Tip Life
  • ROL0 per IPC J-STD-004
  • REACH and RoHS Compliant (Lead-free)
  • Fast Wetting/Feed Rates
  • Halogen Free per EN14582

RX18 no clean flux core wire solder was developed to provide excellent soldering results with all alloys and surface finishes. Engineered for robotic soldering, RX18 promotes thermal transfer, fast wetting and rapid solder penetration into plated through holes or surface mount interconnections. RX18 specialized packaging ensures consistent, accurate, jam-free wire feeding. RX18 post solder residues are minimal, clear and pass IPC-004A and IPC-004B SIR and corrosion requirements and do not require cleaning.


Link zum Produkt auf der Hersteller Homepage: https://www.aimsolder.com/products/wire-solders/rx18-wire-solder