Sikong Science Instrument (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

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Sikong Science Instrument (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. / 似空科学仪器(上海)有限公司
Company Address: Room 405, Building 2, No. 655 JiuJing Road, SongJiang District, Shanghai, China

Contact name: Wayne Zhang / 张伟标
Contact number: +86-138 1759 5909
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Sikong Science Instrument (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a vendor that imports global high-end failure analysis and manufacturing instruments into China, and mainly focuses on customers from Semiconductor, Automotive, University, Electronic OEM, and others. We offer consultative support to local customers for instrument selection based on lab/fab build-up schedule, application scenarios, and budget. Our team members are from multinational companies with rich experience in application engineering, technical support, and business development. We also provide customized instrument R&D support in the region, including laser and optical technology, mechanical design, electronic HW, and software development.