CXPMicrotronic GmbH, a leading sales specialist of microelectronics, now offers Akrometrix LLC’s CXP, the latest surface measurement equipment platform powered by Studio Software. Akrometrix LLC is the leader in elevated temperature surface characterization.
The CXP addresses EMS and PCB market needs for affordable surface characterization of PCB local areas under reflow conditions. The capabilities of the CXP tool make it a cost-effective solution for EMS and PCB companies to apply the new IPC 9641 standard, concerning warpage measurement of PCB surface mount regions.

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Microtronic Announces New Online Resource for LBT-210 Solderability Tester

Microtronic GmbH, a leading sales specialist of microelectronics, announces the launch of its new product home page for the LBT-210 Solderability Tester. The new page is now available at

Microtronic’s LBT-210 Solderability Tester is a revolutionary system that meets current industry challenges. It can test in the two classical ways with a solder bath or a molten globule of solder. More important for production improvement is the company’s new method using solder paste and a temperature profile.  A component is placed on printed solder paste and heated through the same temperature profile that is used in production. All force parameters and values during the heating cycle are monitored and saved. This is the only known existing method of simulating and qualifying the solder profile of an in-line production solder furnace in conjunction with different solder pastes and components.

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